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Friday, December 9, 2011

Freezing Friday

Hey peeps!

We made it through the work week! Here are just a couple of pics of what I wore today. It was sooo cold when I woke up this morning. I did not want to leave my bed because it was so comfy! So I wanted my clothes to be comfy too! I hope you guys enjoy the weekend!

Long sleeve tee & leopard blazer: thrifted
Jeans: Lane Bryant
Hat: beauty supply store
Boots: Evans

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wonder Why Christmas Missed Us

I LOVE the song "Juicy" by Notorious BIG. The title of this post is from a part of the song's lyrics. For those of you who don't know in the song he was basically talking about his struggle growing up poor, the negative things he felt he had to do to survive and finally come to a point in his life where he was successful to the point of no longer having to do negative things to live good.

I can totally relate to this song on some levels. Though I was blessed enough by God that I never had to do negative things to survive I knew what it was like to go without certain things. I thank God for my parents because they always made sure we had the, housing, heat, electricity and education. But being without these things was never to far away from my reality...growing up in a big size family it was indeed a struggle. I saw kids my age in my neighborhood definitely go without the necessities in life so it always kept me grateful as child.

This time of year for me has always been weird since I was like 10 or 11 years old. As children we watched a lot of television and would be inundated with Christmas advertisements for the latest toys, clothes and gadgets. All our friends at school would write these long elaborate Christmas' wish lists knowing that they would get just about everything on those lists. So imagine our hopes and expectations as little kids for Christmas day!! 

My extended family during the holidays

Well my expectations for receiving gifts on Christmas one day changed. Myself and my younger sister who was about 8 or 9 yrs old at the time woke up early one morning on Christmas day to absolutely nothing at all. I just remember the way I felt that morning when my heart sank down to my feet and I looked over to see my sister with tears in her eyes. 

I love this movie!!
Maaann that was a day of big disappoint that still sits in my memory as clear as the time it happened. Prior to this happening my parents kept telling us not to expect anything this year but being the naive children we were at the time we just though they were trying to trick and surprise us but boy were we wrong. I should have known something was up when my older brothers didn't even wake up that morning to see the loot! They must have knew it to be true because usually they will go looking throughout the house in all of my mom's hiding spots for our gifts.

That day I just laid in the bed until our mom made us get up and clean up the house for our guest that were coming over later that day. Our family finally came over for Christmas dinner and I remember my aunt asking us to show her what we got for Christmas and I just felt so embarassed and angry telling her that our parents didn't get us anything. The truth of the matter was that my parents couldn't afford to give us gifts that year and the years that followed weren't that great either but they did try..we would get matching pajamas, under clothes and socks. I will never buy anybody pajamas for Christmas! lol Looking back on it I should have been happy that we even had a Christmas dinner but I couldn't understand that as a kid and probably would have been happier with just toys lol. 

I should have saw this coming because for two Christmas seaosons before that the gifts we did receive were from the Goodfellows of Detroit (Please donate!!) and not our parents. The Goodfellows of Detroit would provide families in need with boxes of toys and clothes for each child. My siblings and I still reminisce about these gifts til this very day. Because of the kindness and thoughtfulness of others we were able to enjoy Christmas days for a little longer until reality hit. 

Now with Christmas just around the corner everyone is talking about their wishlists and gifts. However, for me it is a time of reflection and thankfulness. I really don't celebrate Christmas in the typical way of gift giving since that disappointing Christmas. I have no expectations of receiving gifts nor do I really care to receive anything. But I look at Christmas now for what it really is...Jesus' Birthday!! I celebrate Christmas day as the symbol of Jesus coming into this world to give us new life - salvation through his blood. 

My challenge to each of you is to BE A GIFT to others during this holiday season!!!I believe that God created man so that we are each other's gift to one another. Be a blessing to another!  Also, we are very wrapped up in the commercialism ideology of receiving gifts for ourselves when there are people right in front of us that NEED us. I thought about buying gifts for my family like my niece and nephew but to be honest they have an abundance of toys, clothes etc already. Instead I am focusing my efforts on those in need. For the next two Saturdays I will be giving of my time and money by volunteering to pass out gift boxes through the Goodfellows of Detroit for families with children in need. If I can help it I want to keep other children from experiencing that disappointing feeling that I felt Christmas morning.  I am more than happy to participate in a worthy cause that has once helped me and be in the position in life to give back to others. 

Be Blessed!!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Engagement Rings??

Hey ya'll

This past weekend was extra special for me not only because it was thanksgiving weekend but it was also the 3 year anniversary for my boo and I (as boyfriend and girlfriend)!! We decided to do a little shopping but this time it was mostly for him...I shop so much I really don't want for much these days. We went clothes shopping for him and boy I tell ya he was dragging me around and taking forever!! Luckily it wasn't in vain and he got a few things that he needed. I thought I would have enjoyed shopping for him but he is more pickier than me!! 

photo from Tacori Jewelers
Anyways, on our way around the mall we made a stop into a couple of jewelry stores just for a few quick laughs. We checked out some engagement rings just to see what was out there. There were some pretty good deals and some outrageous prices!  I am glad we decided to "just browse" because it gave us a realistic idea of how much these things cost. 

The engagement ring shopping experience brought up a lot of questions for the both of us.  My boo suggested that I find a few rings that I was interested in so he knows what to budget for...GASP!! I know that was kind of anti-climactic and unromantic but at least I know he wants to please me by getting me what I really want. Its kind of tough to know what ring to shop for and the hardest part is setting a realistic budget; because to be honest who wouldn't love some beautiful bling!?! But really I am a practical person and not so materialistic so I am not expecting him to pay an arm and a leg for something that knowing me I would lose or something. I use to have a running joke with him that I would take a ring from a Cracker Jack I dunno I rather spend the money on something else like a down payment on a home or paying off student loan debt better yet!! Not to mention in this economy times are hard for us all.

Besides budget I know there are other considerations to be made when purchasing a ring such as the 4C's: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat. What are you 4Cs ladies? What kind of ring do you like? I had lunch with a friend recently and she said that the minimum price for a engagement ring should be $2,500 but she felt more comfortable with a $5,000 priced ring! I told her I can't imagine spending that much on a piece of jewelry but she expressed that its an investment and you could pawn it if you ever needed to. However, after doing a little bit of research I found that it is hard to get the exact value of the ring for which you paid and that diamonds aren't as hard to find. Another option given by my mom was to get a diamond from South Africa which would allow me to get more for my money.

So with that all being said...What do you think? I know there was a "rule of thumb" going around that a man should spend 3 months of his annual salary on the ring.  Do you think spending $500 - $800 on an engagement ring a decent price??? Before you give your opinion check out this survey done by Psychology Today. Let me know your thoughts!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Channeling 1950s Grease

This is my version of a casual 1950s style like in the movie Grease...I don't know if I hit the mark but it works for me! :-) I think all this look needs is a leather jacket!

Sorry for the fuzzy pic! I dont know why my cam does this?

I just wanted you to be able to see the jeans from the back.

Excuse my hair it has a mind of its own!
Striped turtleneck: thrifted/old navy
Jeans: Old navy
Pumps: Payless
Scarf: street vendor in dc

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Camel Houndstooth

I tell ya..I am ready for the holiday weekend! I know it will be a lot of fun to be with the fam and friends I haven't seen in a minute..not to mention UMICH will massacre OSPoo (osu) in football!! Fingers crossed! If you haven't noticed by now I love gold accessories....I don't know why ...silver is just so blah to me...of course I wear silver occasionally but golds, camels, neutrals just speak to me! lol  Anyways here is what I wore to work today....

 Blazer: thrifted/Jacobsons
Blouse: Avenue
Slacks: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Avenue

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Weekend Wear Pt 2

 And another one...

Here is what I wore on Saturday to run errands. I am in love with the sweater below. The color is nice, the fabric is soft and its thrifted! The fabric blend is Lambswool and soft and lush! Also, check out who made a guest appearance below...

I love my big hair..I cant wait til it gets bigger! :-)

 Sweater: thrifted
Wide leg jeans: Avenue
 Shoes: Target
 Bracelet: Carsons (chicago)
 Necklace: thrifted
Earrings: Aunt's jewelry
Ring: ?

Guest Appearance:
I had to snap a pic of my nephew's cute outfit. 
He is wearing Oshkosh old time fave!!

I am hoping that this work week is more productive and positive for me!!!

Weekend Wear Pt 1

Hey ya'll, 

I have been a little missing in action due to a variety of reasons...fighting a mean cold, crazy at work and well..just life. Any who to make up for it I have 2 outfit posts for ya. In the pics below you can see what I wore on Friday. The weather here has been getting increasingly cold so it was time to break out the sweaters. I love sweater season though I can not lie! :-)

Sweater: thrifted/DKNY
Jeans: JCPenny
Boots: Onestoplus
Bracelets: ?
Scarf: thrifted
Ring: Aunt's jewelry

Saturday, November 12, 2011

FASHDet Meet Up


This past Friday I had the pleasure of meeting other members of FASHDet. We met up at Centaur Bar in Detroit. It's a really nice bar with great ambiance. The event was fun and it was nice to finally meet and mingle with fellow members of FASHDet. See the pics below!

Here is a pic of what I wore. See the deets below.

 Sheer Blouse: F21+
Leopard and black bodysuit: Ashley Stewart
Jeggings: Asos Curve
Belt, necklace, earrings: Thrifted
Over the knee boots: Evans

Pictures of all the lovely ladies that attended the event are below. I am bad with names and can't remember everyone's website either! But you can check out the FASHDet website for more Information!

You can't see me in this pic but you can see the creepy santa clause looking guy in the back! lol

They gave us nice Goody bags with our pics on them! So cute!
I won this gift card to the spa in our raffle!!
 I won a FASHDet t-shirt too!
Overall, the event was lots of fun! The FASHDet founders provided us with yummy food including tasty chocolate covered strawberries, goody bags and prizes. We played "getting to know you" games which provided tons of laughs! I can't wait for the next event!

Special thanks to the founders of FASHDet: Inez, Elle, Erica and Timmi!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Grandma's 70s Chic

Happy Monday...I guess...I hate Mondays!! Its a surprise to me that I put effort into my outfit today but I had the whole weekend to think about it. Anyways, today's outfit is inspired by the 70s and by the "grandma sweater". The 70s has to be one of my top fave time periods for fashion. Check it out....

Here is the fit without the sweater. Sorry I didn't get a pick of the back but this shirt has a key hole at the neck.
Here is a close up of the "Grandma Sweater"

Here is a close up of the skirt. That's not my skin lol. The pantyhose I had on that didn't match my skin tone. I hate tights/pantyhose!
Shirt, Belt and Skirt: Catos
Grandma Sweater: JCPenny
Shoes: Avenue
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklace: Claires?