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Monday, June 20, 2011

Birthday Suit

With my birthday coming up in a few days I plan to spend some time with friends in Chicago to celebrate. I thought the above pictured dress would be nice for a night on the town.

In the picture below, I am in the dressing room trying on the dress with Spanx. Sorry for the very poor quality of the pic. Believe it or not I don't own a digital camera. I had to opt for spanx instead of my regular shaper because the dress was in a size 16 which was the largest size they had. I am normally a 16/18 up top and a 20 on the bottom so it was a stretch literally and figuratively! The dress fits rather snug but the fabric is stretchy enough that it hugs my curves. I think this dress is a good look.

I'll post another pic at a later date of me wearing it during the b day weekend.

What do you think? Yay or Nay?


  1. umm a complete YAY!! That dress is HAWT girl! Love it! I would die without Spanx! I wear them daily with EVERYTHING! Thank you for your sweet comment. I love your sweet disposition and am your newest follower! Kiah

  2. Thanks for the comment and becoming a follower! :-)

  3. That dress looks FAB on you!!!!