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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Better Late Than Never But Never Late Is Better

Excuse the tired face

I know... I know...I remember when I started this blog I said that I would blog my way to 30 years old.  I have only done 2 post in the last 3 months! This is due to a variety of reasons...laziness, car troubles, no memory card for my digital camera, no one to take my pictures of me, I could go on and on...okay enough excuses!!


9 months...That's the time it takes to birth a baby...Well its funny because its pretty symbolic of how I feel right now. The significance of the 9 months for me right now is the time from October to June which is the time i have left before my 30th birthday (no i'm not preggers). I kind of feel like the curious case of Benjamin Button, like a baby born old but growing into a young person.

At 29 years old I feel like I have learned and experienced a lot. I have matured but also I have noticed that I have lost the child like wonderment I once had. The world is a crazy place and sometimes I feel like the world and the people in it are changing me into someone I don't care for. I say all this to say that I am going to work towards bringing back that childlike enjoyment of  life and people. I know that I operate under God's rules so it is not up to me to worry about things outside of my control. Fear is no longer an option in how I operate. For the next 9 months, after September, because lets face it time flies. September is basically over and I need that time to get organized  I am going to focus on myself. Its gonna take a lot of sacrifice but I have to have my vision in mind. There is so much to accomplish!

A  friend of mine who has a blog check her out: , sent me a YouTube video that is really motivational. See below:

Also, I am reading Tyrese's book "How to get out of your own way".

Its a good read so far. I got to a chapter entitled "You are pregnant with your new self". Tyrese talked about how he was complaining to his mentor that he had too many things going on etc. His mentor was like tyrese are you done. He said Tyrese you are pregnant with your new self. He said that right now you are going through the cramps, labor and growth but he said you can't abort your baby now you have to keep going and work through the pain because in the end you come out with your beautiful baby. This chapter is exactly what I was thinking about. Its funny how things come in and out of your life at the right time.

Another good point that reasonated with me in his book was he said that you need to have a bottomline for all of your goals, relationships, etc. The bottomline being what you are or are not willing to accept. Like for your home you won't let it get past a certain point of being messy or if you are in a relationship you won't let your man call you a bitch. Tyrese said his bottomline was his daughter. That he would not let himself or anyone else get in the way of feeding his family. It was powerful because we do need to set limits for ourselves in terms of crossing the line from keeping us from our goals. Too often in life we are on auto pilot just going through the motions not really holding ourselves accountable for the goals we set for ourselves. I know that I have high standards for myself but I did not really realize the things that I was doing or accepting were compromising those goals from happening. Now that I have been awakened from shortcomings in reaching my goals now is the time for me to put in the work.

It is so funny how if I thought I was really pregnant right now I would do everything for that baby growing inside of the right foods, get enough hours of sleep, exercise, stress less, save money, keep my house organized etc.  Therefore, I am going to live the next 9 months at least like I am pregnant preparing for my new! Besides if I don't give myself the same care that I would give my unborn child what good will I ever be to my future child.


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