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Monday, October 3, 2011

Hate It or Love It: Torrid

Hey Ladies, 

One of the places I shop often is Torrid. It has a store and online shopping for plus size ladies. I thought I would do a brief review of what I thought about Torrid. Below I will list the pros and cons.

  • Up to date and trendy
  • Wide width shoes up to a size 12!!!!
  • A variety of dresses
  • 50% off clearance day!!!-Good Sales
  •  Stuff available in stores and online
  • Almost plus size models
    • Can we get some with a lil more hips and butt
  •  Pants run small??
  • Jewelry and handbags are subpar-cheap and teeny bopperish
  • Stuff sells out and items aren't restocked
  • No customer written item reviews 
  • $8 shipping
  • More stores needed nationwide
  • Sometimes the clothes can be too radical for my taste
    • goth, dominatrix

Okay ladies, what do you say? Do you hate or love Torrid and why?

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