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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday: Money to the Max

Hey people,

Today I thought I would talk about what we all want and can't get enough of....$$ MONEY $$!!

When I shop I try to set price limits in my mind as to what I will or will not spend on certain items. I don't know about you but my funds are limited. Even though I love to spend money on clothes and shoes there are other things in life that I want to do with my money like travel! With that being said, below I have listed my ideal maximum prices that I will pay for specific items when I shop for something in a retail store:

         Item                             Maximum Price

1. Blouse                               $35
2. Cotton Shirt                      $18
3. Sweater                             $40

                      4.Dress - Casual                    $50                      
5.Dress-semi-formal             $80
6. Dress- formal                    $120

7. Jeans                                  $45
8. Pants                                  $40
9. Skirts                                  $30

10. Flats                                        $30
11. Sneakers                                 $50
12. Heels                                      $50
13.  Booties                                   $50
14. Boots                                      $100

15.  Purse                                       $50
16.  Clutch                                     $25
17. Earrings                                  $10
18. Necklace                                 $12
19. Bracelet                                   $6
20.Blazer                                     $80
21. Jacket                                     $50
  22. Coat                                       $130

As a disclaimer, I just want to state that I am not much of a brand whore...I really don't care much about labels as long as it looks good to me. Of course I know there are certain brands that offer better quality in their fabric and construction of their apparel than others. This is definitely taken into consideration when determining whether I will pay their price point. Also, if I come across something really unique or hard to find then I take that into consideration too when deciding if the price is worth an emptier bank account. As always there are exceptions to every rule!

TIP: I do a majority of my shopping online and I make sure to utilize coupon codes. One of the best online coupon sites that I use is: If I don't come up with anything from that site I just "Google" coupon/promotion codes specific to the store I am shopping for. Also, stores that I shop with often, I sign up for their email sale updates and get coupons that way. 

Okay ladies, What do you think are my prices too high or low? What are your average price limits when shopping for items? What are your exceptions for when you will pay more for an item? Can you offer up some tips for how you save money while shopping?


  1. I am right there with you! My funds are limited and i love to shop on,, and at marshalls and t.j. maxx. The only thing I do splurge on is jeans & purses!

    follow each other?

  2. Hey Krissy! I love love tj maxx. I have heard of gilt but I never joined, I will check it out though. Of course I'll follow you, your blog looks cool!