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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Asos Curve Review: 70s Fit and Flare Coat


One of the most useful things that I find from looking at blogs is seeing product/clothing reviews on "real" women. Though I love to shop, I don't just spend my money any and every where. I am pretty selective when it comes to retail shopping especially when spending a good amount of money! I was on the Asos Curve site per usual and came across the coat you see below for about $160! I thought paying that much for a coat is way too rich for my blood!! I don't know about you but I wanted to wait for this coat to go on sale but like I thought the price did not budge! Lucky for me Asos was having a general 30% off sale!!! I hopped to it and snatched up this coat with the quickness! 

Check out the pictures below to see what the coat actually looks like on my plus size body.  I'm sorry while this model may be on the thicker side than say a runway model; I would be surprised to find out if the model above is a size 14 even a 12.

Front view
Back view
The next pictures show the different variations you can have with the collar on this coat.

Whew excuse the hair!

Also, I put the coat on my dress form so you can get another view of how it looks.

You can't really see the flare of the bottom because the dress form is too small

The pic below shows the inside of this coat.

My Review of the Coat: If I had to give this coat a grade I would say a B+/A-. The reason why I graded this coat lower is because it is not as heavy or thick as I thought it would be. However, the coat is still warm and the true test will be how long I can wear it during the Michigan winter! Asos Curve sizing is pretty generous. I ordered this coat in a size 20 and I have more space than I need but that's cool because it allows me to wear thick sweaters and layers under it. If I really wanted to I could get this coat tailored to fit closer to my body. And if this makes a difference for you, I have already received lots of positive compliments from strangers in this coat. Overall, I think its a pretty solid fall/winter coat that was worth the buy!

Let me know if you have any questions about this coat!


  1. Thank you lady! Welcome to my blog :-)

  2. Yes, most plus models are a 10/12. This coat is fabulous! I adore the color! Kiah

  3. If the price were right, would you be willing to sale? Asos is OUT... :(

    This is the only coat I planned on buying his winter.

    If so, please email me at!


  4. Awww i'm sorry I just can't part with this coat. I really needed it too! Good luck with finding a good coat! You should check out Avenue they had some really cute coats 50% off when I went into their store this past weekend!

  5. Hi, hope you can help, as soon as possible. Am online about to purchase from Asos for the first time. I live in the USA. You said you ordered the Asos coat in a UK 20? What size would you normally buy in a US coat? Thanks!!

  6. Hi! I actually bought the coat in a USA 20 not UK 20. I usually wear a 16/18 top and 20 bottom. I had lots of room left over at the top even when I wear sweaters and the bottom flares out still giving me more room. So it has generous sizing where I could probably bought a size 18 and still be comfortable.