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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Don't Waste Your Time!

Yesterday I was feeling so blah that I decided to do something different and go to the movies on a weekday. The boo and I went to go see "In Time" starring Justin Timberlake. I must say my expectations for this movie were very low to say the least but I thought what the heck I was still curious. Before I talk about the movie... (** Possible Movie Spoiler ALERT!!**) See what I wore for our date night movie night.

Burnout longsleeve shirt: Dots
Olive Jeans: Thrifted
Booties: Evans
Ring: JCPenny
Earrings: Thrifted
Necklace: ?

Why I entitled this post "don't waste your time" is because that is one of the morals of this movie. If we were to consider time just as valuable as money how would we spend it really? In the movie they were given 25 years to live and after that they had to "buy" whatever time they could through working or sharing amongst each other. There were the rich who had thousands of years to live and the poor who only had weeks, months, and even hours. Even if you wanted to buy a cup of coffee or food you had to "pay in time as the currency" which in turn took time off of your life.

To me this is true to real life, the things you give your time can make or break your life. For instance,  if you spend most of your time sleeping and being lazy..nothing much can come from that. But if you are hustling and striving for more out of your life the opportunities will begin to seek you out. Like my grandma always use to tell me "an idle mind is the devil's workshop". When you don't go after your own dreams you end up working for someones' by helping them make money or their dreams come true. Why not put yourself in the position to have time for the things you love to do!?! But first you must SEIZE THIS VERY MOMENT RIGHT NOW AND PUT IN THE WORK! STOP PUTTING OFF THE THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY FOR TOMORROW!!


PS. I highly recommend that you see In Time! Though the storyline needed more work and the acting was not the best it was still watchable because the concept of the movie was awesome. I give it 2 Thumbs! :-)


  1. uhhh....I gotta have those shoes! Hand 'em over! lol I'm definitely following you!

  2. Sounds like something worth seeing. I like the shoes too!