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Monday, November 28, 2011

Engagement Rings??

Hey ya'll

This past weekend was extra special for me not only because it was thanksgiving weekend but it was also the 3 year anniversary for my boo and I (as boyfriend and girlfriend)!! We decided to do a little shopping but this time it was mostly for him...I shop so much I really don't want for much these days. We went clothes shopping for him and boy I tell ya he was dragging me around and taking forever!! Luckily it wasn't in vain and he got a few things that he needed. I thought I would have enjoyed shopping for him but he is more pickier than me!! 

photo from Tacori Jewelers
Anyways, on our way around the mall we made a stop into a couple of jewelry stores just for a few quick laughs. We checked out some engagement rings just to see what was out there. There were some pretty good deals and some outrageous prices!  I am glad we decided to "just browse" because it gave us a realistic idea of how much these things cost. 

The engagement ring shopping experience brought up a lot of questions for the both of us.  My boo suggested that I find a few rings that I was interested in so he knows what to budget for...GASP!! I know that was kind of anti-climactic and unromantic but at least I know he wants to please me by getting me what I really want. Its kind of tough to know what ring to shop for and the hardest part is setting a realistic budget; because to be honest who wouldn't love some beautiful bling!?! But really I am a practical person and not so materialistic so I am not expecting him to pay an arm and a leg for something that knowing me I would lose or something. I use to have a running joke with him that I would take a ring from a Cracker Jack I dunno I rather spend the money on something else like a down payment on a home or paying off student loan debt better yet!! Not to mention in this economy times are hard for us all.

Besides budget I know there are other considerations to be made when purchasing a ring such as the 4C's: Color, Clarity, Cut, Carat. What are you 4Cs ladies? What kind of ring do you like? I had lunch with a friend recently and she said that the minimum price for a engagement ring should be $2,500 but she felt more comfortable with a $5,000 priced ring! I told her I can't imagine spending that much on a piece of jewelry but she expressed that its an investment and you could pawn it if you ever needed to. However, after doing a little bit of research I found that it is hard to get the exact value of the ring for which you paid and that diamonds aren't as hard to find. Another option given by my mom was to get a diamond from South Africa which would allow me to get more for my money.

So with that all being said...What do you think? I know there was a "rule of thumb" going around that a man should spend 3 months of his annual salary on the ring.  Do you think spending $500 - $800 on an engagement ring a decent price??? Before you give your opinion check out this survey done by Psychology Today. Let me know your thoughts!!


  1. I know one guy who was willing to spend more than $10k. I'm not big on the weddings, but I do want a nice ring, especially because I have big hands. I think $7k would do the trick for me, but we're not trying to go in debt for a ring, however.  I expect him to be able to afford that.  If it's not liquid in the bank, by now, I expect him  to start saving for that. 

  2. Wow okay!  A lady with expensive taste I see ;-) Yeah I refuse to go into debt for that I rather have a house...I dont want a big wedding myself either.

  3. I think between 3500 and 5000 is acceptable, but it all depends.  If you're not in a place financially to spend that much, then I say get a quality ring within your budget.  I didn't break the bank on the ring or wedding.  I didn't want to enter marriage in debt.  So he bought an average size ring at a great price and recently updated it for me.  So I say start small, you can always upgrade!

  4. Thanks for the input Elle! I think I will smart off small and work my way up! Im not trying to keep up with the Joneses! :-)

  5. Yeah I have no idea the price that should be spent. I say whatever floats the couples boat lol. :) 
    I'm not picky as long as its something I like and doesn't look cheap or flimsy, doesn't matter the cost to me. What matters most is the marriage and stability afterwards. 

    Nothing wrong with splurging; but I don't see the need to go overboard. 

    How do you go about getting a ring from S. Africa?


  6. First off let me say how exciting!!! Ring shopping is fun. I'm not very sure what my then fiance' now husband spent on my engagement ring but I loved it. He picked it out himself I didn't see it before he proposed at all but I was stunned he picked something that was just want I had always wanted. I do know the more you spend the higher quality diamond you I don't know $800 seems about right...somewhere between 8 hundred or a little over 1000. Not sure though

  7. Very true!! Well my parents just said that you can go there and get more for your money at a better price..the mark up here is like 50% for diamonds. My coworker actually works with a lady who gets diamonds from India and sells them here for a good price so I may go that way.

  8. Thanks :-) yeah I won't ask for much now but when our 5th year anniversary comes around I'll be looking for a real rock!