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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Broke and Beautiful Buys: Dots, Avenue, JCPenny & Kmart

Hey Hello Hi How ya doing?

This past weekend I stopped in a couple of stores while running errands with the boo. I frequent Dots, Avenue, JCPenny, and Kmart a lot and when I got to these places I can't leave without buying something..its very rare. What can I say the deals are so great! Anywho, check out below a couple of things I picked out on my adventure...

Here is what got from Dots:

Sheer Kimono style multi animal print blouse - $5

$1.75 each

Here is what I found at Avenue:

Red skinnies - i had to go up 2 sizes than I normally wear, not much stretch- ~$21
 Here is what I got from JCPenny:

$4 a piece

Here is what I found at Kmart:



My boo didn't like the sheer animal print blouse but what do you think?  I like it a lot! I think the blouse goes well with the red skinnies I just bought too! :-)


  1. Really nice finds!
    Is that the plus size line from kmart? I've been trying to find a store that carries it....

    I would love to see the kimona on! Love all those bracelets!

  2. Thanks! Yes that is the plus size line from kmart. I went to the kmart in ann arbor on maple rd. I had been to the kmart several times but never noticed the plus size section because it was tucked away.

    I will most def be wearing animal print top when it gets warmer outside and I will be sure to do a blog post!

  3. awesome bargains!! I love Kmart plus-size, you can find some gems there!

  4. The sheer animal print blouse is my favorite! Can't believe your boo didn't like it. Regarding Avenue and their pants, I always have a problem finding one in my natural size. I always have to go up a size or two. Very frustrating. With that being said, the color you picked is really nice.