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Monday, January 30, 2012

Design Your Life (DYL): Door to Door Organics


I hope you people are doing great! I wanted to start a segment of my blog called "Design your Life". It will focus on things that will aid myself and maybe others in designing the life we envision.

For instance, my vision for my life would be one that is healthy, fun, aesthetically pleasing, and interesting. I decided to start this segment to pull myself from the rat race of just going to work and living like a zombie! 

In order to be more present and conscious about my life I thought I would start with really focusing on my diet. My father always use to tell me that "your health is your greatest wealth". Now that I am edging into my 30s I can no longer afford to take my health for granted. I eat a lot of meat and cheese but I need to increase my veggie and fruit intake.

In an effort to do so, I decided to sign up for Door to Door Organics to make it easier for me to have organic and fresh produce always on hand. 

I hope to only eat meat/eggs 2-3x a week. Maybe one day I will become a pescetarian and then maybe a vegan. I'm not here to get into the meat debate but I see the health benefits of a meat/dairy free lifestyle. You can watch documentaries like "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" or "Forks Over Knives" if you want more information.

For my first post on "Design Your life", I thought I would tell you all about a service I recently started using called:
This service delivers organic fruits,and vegetables as well as an array of other healthy food products to your door step for a healthy and affordable convenience.The cost of this service starts around $20 and up based on the size of the box. Currently, this service is available to Chicago, Kansas City, Colorado, Some East Coast States and Michigan. They even deliver to Detroit which I think is great because there are no grocery store chains in the city! 

See the pics below of my first box:

Also, I think its great that Door to Door Organics tried to get their produce from local farmers when possible. Another reason I like this service a lot is because it gets me to try fruits and vegetables that I wouldn't buy on my own in the grocery store or have never even heard of.

If you are interested in trying them out use the coupon code: "goodfood12" to receive $10 off your first order. So far I am very pleased with this service and would recommend you check them out! 

Cheers to good health!


  1. Wow who knew that this was even possible! Such a great idea and like you said for Detroiters this awesome!

  2. Wow this is great!  I think I need to check it out!!!!  Thanks for the code!!!

  3. Yes! I am really enjoying this service

  4. You are welcome! If you do it let me know how it goes for you

  5. Hello! I have a new code to share!

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    Happy eats Peeps!