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Monday, February 6, 2012

DYL: Wholefoods Haul

Hey folks..I hope your Monday started off great! I got some much needed rest over the weekend. 

Anyways for this post on "Design Your Life" (DYL), I wanted to show you guys a few things that I picked up from Wholefoods that I may bring to lunch sometimes. 

First up: Snap Pea Crisp by Snack Salad for $1.99 - Baked Snap peas coated in rice flour (I think) and baked in oil. As far as taste goes these are great...I think they may be a better alternative than potato chips and a nice snack especially for little kids who wont eat green veggies. Also, these are a great alternative for croutons in salads.  However, the downside is these are a little too greasy. I am going to try to make some on my on and see how they come out. Give them a try!

What the Snap Pea Crisp look like

The next treat is from Jovial. It is a chocolate cream filled organic cookie. As far as taste goes I like them. The outside "crust" of the cookie takes a little getting use to but its taste good. These cookies come in at 160 calories for 2 and they are gluten free!

The third item that I take for lunch sometimes when I didn't have time to make my own is a soup by Amy's Organics "Spanish (Brown) Rice and Red Bean Soup". The flavor and ingredients of this soup are really good. A can of this soup comes out to about 280 calories but watch your sodium because this comes to about 1380mg.

One of the last items I wanted to show you are by Odwalla and Naked Juice which are mostly fruit and some veggie juices. They have lots of varieties in flavors and you can see some I have chosen below. These juices taste great but that's mostly because of the high sugar content from the fruit. On the bright side they claim to not add any sugar. I liked to add water to these juices and I am not sure if I would continue to purchase these in the future. I may just continue to juice my own fruits and veggies as I have been doing. (Interesting thing I found out is that Pepsi is owned by Naked Juice and Odwalla is owned by Coca -Cola..things that make ya go hmmm)

Okay thats it! What are somethings that you like to buy from Wholefoods??

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