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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whats Cookin Good lookin?: Chopped and Screwed

Hey ya'll,

In an effort to live a healthier and financially responsible lifestyle I have been cooking more often. I have always liked to cook but I find it hard to just cook for myself. I am use to cooking for a lot of people. Anyways, I often have random things in my fridge and just try to make the most out of what I have. I rarely cook by recipe but I think I will start planning my meals just to maximize my time and budget. 

Its funny how on the Food Network they have have this show called "Chopped" where the chefs are given random ingredients to make fabulous meals. This show best describes my cooking style though I can't say every meal is fabulous but most of the time its at least edible. But I think that is the sign of a good cook in the kitchen and in life...Someone who can make something out of nothing! Check out the dishes I have prepared on the fly...

First up... Fish Tacos: Cod seasoned with lemon pepper, broccoli slaw topped with greek yogurt.

Next on the chopping block has become my new favorite once hated meal: Brussel sprouts!
Brussels tossed in salt, pepper, olive oil and garlic cloves roasted in the oven and spritz with lemon after you take it out..delish!

The following dish is an old time favorite just spiced up a bit: Fried Corn- Fresh corn cut off the cob with bell peppers, onions and red pepper flakes.

The next dish was an experiment gone...okay. I would do it differently the next time around and really develop the recipe: Macaroni in Cilantro Avocado sauce- avocado mashed and blended with spices.

I am not sure what to call the following dish but its something like: Thai coconut soup (Tom Kha Gai) with rice noodles, coconut milk, shrimp, spices and veggies. The first two pics below includes some of the ingredients and the next pic is the final product.  This was pretty good but next time I will do some things differently and be sure to have lemon grass and galanga. (One day I will make my own rice noodles it looks pretty easy and fun to do.)

Soak rice noodles for 20 minutes in cold water before cooking.

And finally dessert...Chocolate Oatmeal - Quick oats add almond milk -heat in the microwave or stove stop and then mix in vegan semi chocolate good and pretty good for you!

Bon Apetit!!


  1. Looks good, I'm hungry now, can I come over? loll