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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: 50% off Thrift Items?!?

Awhile back my boo's mom told me about how I could find 50% off coupons for the thrift store in the circulars aka junk mail coupons that you throw away. Wow it pays to be a bargain shopper! The pics below are just a few of the finds I got while on my thriftin adventures with my 50% off coupon! woot! I'm talking about real steals people...a dress originally $2.20 for ...$1.10!! You can't beat that with a bat!!..Its practically free!! 

The next item is getting me right for the spring /summer..I'm all about brights, lights, whites and no tights!!

Ralph Lauren
Adding some color to my life with this flirty and feminine fit...

Sheer Shirt - Lane Bryant, Skirt - Newport News
Suit Set-I am for sure wearing this blazer..not so sure about the pants they are a little snug.

Last but defintely not least on my list...Earrings!

The End! Whats your favorite find?


  1. Love the earrings!

  2. Hey! Thanks for commenting! Me too :-)