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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

30 Something

My 30th birthday was during the last week of June...Shout out to the Cancerians!! Anyways, that's part of the reason I having been posting like I wanted to but luckily I was able to capture a few shots of some of my outfits from the birthday weekend. 

First, I decided to throw a list together -  

The top 30 things I have learned in advancing to my 30s:

1. At the end of the day no matter what after its all said and done, God's will, will be done on earth.
2. Relationships with family and friends are for a reason and a season but keep in mind that seasons do come back around every year. 
3. Taking for granted your health in your 20s will come back to bite you in your "you know what" in your 30s. One day you will wake up as stiff as a board. Keep moving..literally and figuratively.
4. Everyday do a little something towards your dreams. It all adds up in the end.
5. Don't be afraid to TAKE (educated) RISK. People will doubt you even those closest to you but believe in yourself and put your trust in God. 
6. Every crappy job, wack relationship and/or shady friend will teach you a valuable lesson if you don't let bitterness get in the way. Follow your instinct or your first mind.
7. Don't let fear become bigger than your love/faith.
8. Get back to doing the things you enjoyed as a kid...riding bikes, coloring, writing stories, reading, swinging on the swing set, running through the sprinklers etc...Its the simple things.
9. Eat your vegetables and easy on the alcohol
10.Prayer is truly a weapon and a gift from God. It can move mountains.
11. Listen and talk less..I know you like yeah yeah ok but no foreal listen to what everyone has to say..digest it then talk. And talk only when you have something of value to say.
12. You can either be part of the problem or the solution. Negativity is just dead weight.
13. Start from where you don't need grand things to make a great impact.
14. Always be kind, even to those that don't deserve it..tough I know but don't let them drag you in the mud.
15. People will judge you, let them but don't be like them and judge others.
16. People will imitate you and not give you credit but continue to create and innovate while they try to catch up.
17. Expect the best out of others even when they have a bad track record. One day they might surprise you.
18. Don't do for others until you are willing to do it for yourself first.
19. Anger has a domino effect, once you start you cant stop what happens after that. Be slow to anger but quick to give compassion to others and to yourself.
20. Your parents will be right about a lot of things but make sure you are right by living their wisdom.
21. Trust  people because even if you don't that doesn't stop them from screwing you over. But not trusting does push trustworthy people away.
22. You have something important to say even if seems as if no one is listening. Speak it by living as a good example then they will listen. 
23. Treat yo self! But don't go overboard. Savings in the bank will feel better during an emergency than your spectacular wardrobe.
24. Don't tell everyone everything. Many people don't care or will use it against you.
25. Cherish the things you have.. most importantly people. We are our greatest resource not things.
26. Learn something new everyday. Its amazing what you need to know how to do when you cant rely on the internet or even electricity. Turn off the tv and learn.

27. Never give up! Look at life as a journey not a destination. Enjoy the moments.
28. Give that extra effort and incorporate your personality to whatever you do. You never know who is looking. 
29. Comparison is the death of joy. Be happy doing you and stay in your lane. 
30. Don't ask for more out of life than you are willing to give or lose
I hope this list makes you think...

See below what I wore to work on my actual birthday...

 Earrings: thrifted
Blazer & Bracelets: Avenue
Watch: Target
Shoes: JCPenny
Shirt: Torrid
Skirt: Asos Curve

More posts to come of my birthday weekend!