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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Birthday Ballerina

Here is an outfit I wore while out with my boo running errands and enjoying a beautiful summer day. I wanted to wear something light, airy, comfortable and feminine. For some reason this look reminds me of something an edgy but feminine ballerina would wear.

The sun was in my eyes! lol

T-Shirt & Watch - Target
Skirt & Earrings- thrifted
gladiator sandals - Torrid
Bracelet - H&M
Necklace & Headband - ?

If I would wear this outfit again I would wear my hair in a bun with bangs. I think that would really set off the ballerina vibe! Also, I would try this look out with a gray t shirt (not pictured) just like the white tee I have works just as well and provides an extra edge without being overly girly.


  1. Oh Maisha...I love this look!  It is soooo cute!  It is funny because my family reunion is next week and you know for the cookout we all have to wear the dreaded reunion t-shirt and of course I was thinking of a way to rock my t-shirt with style.  I had an idea of rocking it with a skirt of some sort but haven't come up with a definite way yet.  I think I may have to put some serious thought into this

    BIRTHDAY BLESSINGS TO YOU!  And many many more!


  2. Thanks lady!! I cant wait to see what you decide to wear for your family reunion!!

  3. I LOVE that skirt and those earrings I just love thrifting. You find some great things!

  4. Girl I love thrifting too! Its amazing what you can find!!