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Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY and Dinner


I recently hosted a couple of guest at my home.One of the guest was fellow blogger and friend Motorcity Moxie. I cooked dinner for them. I love to cook for others so I wanted to try something new but usually I would first test it on myself but I got confidence in my cooking skills :-). For the dinner menu we dined on:
  • Salmon croquettes
  • Roasted broccoli
  • Asian slaw and 
  • Mushroom risotto
 For the salmon croquettes, I combined a couples of recipes to come up with what I think was the almost perfect patty. 
 The ingredients include: Salmon filets, eggs, parsley, green onion, breadcrumbs, lemon pepper spice, tarragon, and butter. 

 For the mushroom risotto I followed this recipe minus the chives and I added some salt.

Broccoli tossed in olive oil, garlic cloves, salt, pepper and a mist of lemon. I know this looks Cajun but for some reason it taste really good crispy to me. 

This was store bought Asian slaw with the packet of dressing, wonton and almonds..pretty good buy.

The final plated product...
My guest and I decided it would be a cool idea to do a group DIY...One of my fave DIY bloggers, I Spy DIY recently created a tribal like bracelet out of rope and embroidery was super cool. This was my first attempt at this DIY and I will be doing it again to make necklaces, earrings etc. 

Here are some of the supplies I used...
The start to something nice...
Its not perfect, but its perfect for me!
  The End

What are some of your favorite "go to" meals to cook for guests? What is your favorite DIY project? Lemme know!

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