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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Hey yall 

I finally got a chance to see the movie Sparkle! I have been excited about seeing this movie when I first saw the preview at the movie theater. Several people I talk to said they did not like the movie and after seeing it for myself I am actually kind of shocked! I enjoyed the movie and for some reason I could relate to it. I thought everyone did a great job especially Satin and Sister. Of course I have always had a BIG crush on Derek Luke! He is so handsome to me! I just love movies that are staged back in the Motown days. They bring so much nostalgia like I was actually there!! I loved how people dressed back then it seems so formal, prim and proper. Check out below what I wore to see the movie Sparkle with a special guest appearance with one of my faves Diana Ross!!

These are my favorite earrings! I will probably get married in these earrings. I usually only where them for special occasions but I thought what the hell life is short!

I told you Diana Ross made an appareance! lol
Earrings: My aunts vintage collection
Top: Next
Jeans: thrifted (Avenue)
Wedges: Torrid

What did you think of the movie Sparkle? Hate it or Love it!?


  1. I can I tell you this is the hottest outfit I've seen on you! Go girl~