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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shenanigans in Chicago

Hey yall, I had to take a trip to Chicago for my job. I usually go to Chicago every summer anyways since its rite next door to the hometown. I decided to make a weekend out of it and catch some type of fun before the summer ends.

For the leisure part of my Chicago weekend I stayed at the Omni Hotel in downtown. I must say I really enjoyed my stay. The rooms or suites are so spacious, comfy and clean. They even have a wet bar in the sitting room! The hotel itself is smack dab in the middle of everything fun on Michigan Ave. The perfect location, accommodations, and excellent guest services. I should have figured this hotel was nice since its the place where Oprah put up her guests when she had her show. During the business part of my trip I stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel downtown. I was disappointed in this hotel..I know that it is older but the rooms were so small that my coffee maker was in my bathroom..yuck! Not to mention that I reserved a king size bed with my group and they gave me 2 double beds at the very end of the hallway next to the laundry shoot..booo! Thankfully I didn't spend my own money at this hotel. Take a look at a pic below from my room at the Omni Hotel...

A girls gotta eat....
Asian Nachos from Grand Luxe Cafe- so freaking good!! I get them every time I go there!
Garrett's Popcorn Chicago Mix- Cheddar and Caramel
Airport Snacks - this was really good
Airport Snacks- this was just ok, didn't really care for it
Airport Snacks- this was surprisingly good
Room Service - Remnants of a Beef Brisket Sandwich, Sweet and Sour Wings, Fruit
Room Service - Shredded Beef Quesadillas with fried mushrooms, french fries, a coke and a smile
Casino and Cruise...
My homegirl and I went to the Horseshoe Casino in Southern Indiana to have some drinks and play the slots...I am not a gambler but what the hey why not. My homegirl played blackjack and doubled her money! We had a good time and snapped a couple of pics before security came up to us saying that picture taking was not allowed on the casino floor.
This game was addicting..

 Architectural cruise of the Chicago waterfront 
By way of the Wendella. Here are some shots below...

Draw bridge!!
This is my favorite struture

Concert hall

Maxi Dress from Ross

Navy Pier

Picture Perfect!

Boating, Jet-skiing and Tanning
Cue music...Im on a boat...

Im on a boat 

It was THE PERFECT day
My first time on a jet ski!
I was holding on for dear life! I lost my sunglasses cuz I was not about to let go!

This thing goes up to 70mph

Listening Party at the Dana Hotel...Starring Tamia

R & B singer Tamia previewed her new album during a meet and greet session. We got a chance to take pics of with her..well my friends did. I always feel bad about asking celebs for pics. I did take  a shot of her from far away but it was a little too dark...

Can you see her in the coral blazer lol
My Outfit of the night

 Peplum top: Forever 21+
Pencil Skirt & Belt: Torrid
Wedges & Ring: Avenue
Bracelet, Earrings & Bag: thrifted