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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2013 Motto: Desiderata

Many may years ago as a child I was rummaging through my dad's dusty library in the basement. One of my great finds besides his broken guitar was an old scroll like piece of paper. At the time I could barely say the name right at the top of the paper so I brought it to my dad. He informed me of this poem..i guess you could call it that. It was written by Max Ehrmann and is entitled "Desiderata". I will leave it up to you to interpret what it means to you but this poem has always stuck with me. It resonates with me even more so now than it ever did before now that I have more years of life under my belt. As we approach 2013 I thought it would be good to share as this is a time of reflection for many.


God Bless you all in 2013 and beyond!!!

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