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Monday, December 17, 2012

DYH: Tables and Chairs

Design Your Home....with Tables and Chairs! Hey y'all, I just wanted to give you a peak into my home design with tables and chairs. Long before this blogging life I inherited some old furniture from a family member. I decided to spray paint it to fit my design aesthetic. Unfortunately, I did this a few years ago and I never thought to take pictures! But just imagine wood brown dusty old furniture. And then see what I did with a little paint and elbow grease....

I got this bowl from Pier One years ago. I LOVE the colors..
Dining Room Table Top
Dining Room Table - Black Gloss Spray Paint & Ivory
There are 6 chairs in total included in this table
I love furniture with curves just like me ;-)
My mom helped me by covering the chairs with new fabric
Sofa Console Table
Bar Stools
Side table -Another Project for me to do!

 Well that's it for Tables and Chairs...This was my first furniture project ever! Although now this furniture is a little banged up and scratched I think imperfections bring character! This dining room set and console table took a good amount of effort but at the same time it was cool to do because for some reason I find this kind of stuff relaxing. Please be on the look out for more furniture projects to come!

Dining Room set, side table & Console - inherited
Glass Bowl - Pier One Imports (years ago)
Bar Stools - Garden Ridge (years ago)

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